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Reputation audit

Building a profile with a description of key factors that affect reputation. Includes the development of an individual plan for  assessing perceptions and espectations of key stakeholders. Allows to identify areas for possible improvement, gives a clear understanding of stakeholders perception of the company, brand or personality. The service is provided in partnership with a specialized agency.

Сrisis communication workshop

Every month, we gather PR-experts and legal professionals to analyze real cases of crisis communication. The discussion is based on the analytical reports by the Center for Content Analysis. Representatives of brands present their vision, and experts from the reputation market and political consulting debate and give advice. The service is provided in partnership with other experts.

Event format - closed to the press.

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Media monitoring

All mentions on TV, radio, in press, digital media and social networks in one report. Track Share of voice and your company's perception on the market daily.


Need to evaluate presence in the media for a week, a month or a year, or to report on a successful information campaign? We will collect and summarize the data to assess all the indicators.


Lost in the sea of "information noise"? Need to walk through the chain of events or quickly become familiar with the new topic? With the help of modern monitoring tools we will provide you a comprehensive information digest.


Get an inportant information immediately after the appearance in the media.




Multifunctional media monitoring and analysis tool. Creation of customized online feeds, data visualisation, various methods of getting messages and reports available (e-mails, subscription). Covers the traditional online media and press, social networks, TV and radio transcripts.


A data repository (database) with a sophisticated search function for all available media sources. Archive since January 2015.

Online monitoring of radio and TV broadcasting

Recognizes real-time audio data streaming and synchronizes it with the video. Suitable only for Ukrainian and Russian streams.

Software development & design
a) media monitoring tools;
b) data parsing technologies;
c) text mining and NLP solutions;
d) creation and population of databases;
e) data visualization modules.



Media analysis in crisis

Have you become the object of a reputational attack? You need to know whether the information wave is falling, what channels your opponent uses to spread negativity, how the media respond to his and your messages. Media analysis for crisis management gives a full picture of the communication crisis development and allows to get a necessary insight.

Regular analytical reports

Are you a large or medium-sized company constantly confronting one or more opponents? With us, you can regularly evaluate the effectiveness of your communication, track the reputational risks and waves of attacks, sum up the results of each information battle.

SWOT analysis

Are you planning to enter the Ukrainian market, rebranding, other important events? Just trying to track changes in your reputation? Our premium product is a SWOT analysis of your reputation in terms of its drivers, different types of audiences, and more.

Market media analysis 

Need a brief and clear analysis of the information trends observed in media regarding your market? The head of your company no longer needs to waste much time in order to understand what is happening in the information space. This product can be customized for your company.

Social media trends

You need to evaluate whether your company meet the trends of social networks, and also find out how well your SMM manager copes with his responsibilities in this rapidly developing field? Our monthly selection of social networking trends can be customized for your market or even a specific campaign.

Crisis communication

Crisis communication

The analysis of the information crisis includes services aimed at identifying and management of the communication crisis:

- we quickly inform you about the negative information via email and SMS;

- we regularly provide data on the situation in figures and charts;

- we forecast possible development scenarios;

- we provide expert advice regarding possible response;

- we prepare a final analysis that demonstrates the impact of the crisis on reputation, the effectiveness of the methods applied to  overcome the crisis.


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