"Big Analysis" of the gas station market in social media

What are the top post topics, preferences and compliants of clients of Ukrainian gas station networks: OKKO, WOG, Shell, BRSM, CLO, SOCAR, Glusco, Ukrnafta and Avias

In the first half of 2019, the fuel and gas stations market experienced several important events. First of all, a significant price increase due to the Russian Federation's restrictions on the supply of petroleum products to Ukraine and problems at refineries in Belarus. In addition, the election of the President of Ukraine undermined not only political but also business life in the country.

Therefore, this period is interesting for marketing analysis of social media content related to gas station brands. Our task was to find patterns of audience response to different products and search for dominant types of posts.

We have selected nine fuel brands among fifteen that have the largest market share. Between February and June 2019, we have found over 65,000 mentions of these brands in posts, reposts, and comments on Facebook and Instagram. After data set collection, we randomly generated a sample of 2,000 messages. The error was not more than 2.5%.

We identified the following parameters in post and comments that contained brand mentions:

- Tonality toward brands;

- Mention of specific products;

- Topics, including type of services;

- Region.

The most interesting patterns are shown in the presentation.

The market has an active reflection on social networks, which mainly corresponds to the companies' branding. However, marketing topics form only a small proportion of mentions.

There is a clear difference between the gas stations of the high (OKKO, WOG, SOCAR, Shell, CLO) and low (Avias, BRSM, Ukrnafta) price segment. For the first group, the price was not a big deal in consumer reviews - they talked more about the services. The quality of the fuel has already become a benchmark: when selling cars, their owners emphasize that they only used the fuel of these brands. At the same time, the outrageous reports on the prices increase concerned primarily the second group of brands. Service criticism has also rarely addressed the second group.

The largest share of mentions contain indirect or random brand mentioning. For example, the most common posts were announcements about dogs lost or found at gas stations.

Such stories have little positive impact on brands: the audience can learn about the existence and location of the station, the general tone of the posts creates a positive emotional attachment, and more specific information about services can be shared.

Given the considerable attention paid to such posts, fuel companies may launch 'dog-themed' campaigns to promote brands and services.

Separately, there is a segment of posts related to food. Food quality is discussed less than the quality of fuel, but more emotionaly. This is an experiment field. Food can be the way of increasing the average bill, as well as the way of attracting customers to the basic services.

There are MUCH more details about each brand, reviews of its prices, services, quality, attention to specific products in the presentation that can be downloaded by clicking the button below.

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