The reputation crisis of Nova Poshta shipping company: when a quick response is not enough

Due to the information crisis over the customer data leak, the Nova Poshta's reputational damage was medium and the conflict did not go out to the mass media The company reacted correctly, but did not show enough creativity in the messages formation.

On February 5, 2018, cyber security professional Yegor Papyshev wrote in Facebook that Nova Poshta's clients personal data now are in the Internet for sale. 

NP responded to crisis by classical methods: the company's rapid reaction helped to reduce the negative publicity damage to the reputation. Media actively spreaded the first message, in which company denied information about the data leak. But it was not enough. The quality of the messages was doubtful: the first message, which media spreaded well - gave bearth of negative statements by Facebook commentators. The following statements from the company, which contained messages such as "the company cares about the security ", were not spread by the media actively enough.

The most effective factor of crisis stabilization was the post of well-known blogger O.Monova, who transferred debate from a particular situation to more theoretical issues and the critics of government effectiveness in the cybersecurity issues at the national level.

After downloading the full report, you will see how the dynamics of the discussion run in the media and social networks, which media were the most loyal to the Nova Poshta, the FB users attitude towards the company, the details about response, as well as a more detailed analysis of other aspects of the crisis event.

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