"Ukrainian FBI" reputation crisis: sex scandal. Series 1

Creation of the State Bureau of Investigations from the very beginning was accompanied by scandals. But the greatest aggravation occurred in the period from 10.3.2018 to 14.11.2018. During these two weeks, the reputation of the SBI as a law enforcement agency has suffered significant reputational losses.

On November 7, student Nataliya Bureiko accused SBI deputy director's Olha Varchenko husband in a sexual harassment and life threats. According to the accused Oleksandr Varchenko, this was a provocation aimed at his wife. The sex scandal happened exactly when the SBI Director Roman Truba announced a new competition for 27 leading positions in the department after refusing to approve candidates that "were imposed" to him. At the same time, a lawsuit was filed in the District Administrative Court of Kyiv about non-compliance of SBI Directoe with the lustration law.

A total media presence of these three topics amounted to - 484 messages about a sex scandal with the husband of Olha Varchenko. ; 187 about the appointment of 27 candidates for management positions in the SBI; 150 about the lustration failure by R. Truba. Together, they had nearly 3.5 million audience reach.

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