Poroshenko and "Diesel show": how fake revealed the power of a new megainfluential media channel

Fake that was published on the satirical news website disseminated first in natural way: as a joke. Nevertheless, in a few hours it turned into post-truth in the classical style of USA 2016 elections.

Numerous groups of Volodymyr Zelenskyi`s supporters on Facebook, Viber, and Telegram maintain contacts with a great number of Ukrainians and remain a reliable source of information to them. Using this channel for fake news dissemination allows them to reach out to millions of people; it is true not only for news about the work of the current president. 

A good example is the case of proliferation of joke news from the satirical 'UaReview' news website on October 21st. This publication was about the allegedly purchasing of 'Diesel Show' by the previous Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko. First, this message was disseminated by people who took the joke. Then Facebook users who seem to be bots spread this news as truth in different communities, particularly the groups of Zelenskyi`s supporters. Posts in some groups reached out hundreds of shares. 

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