Oleksandr Linchevsky is a victim of media attack. Evidence base

An information crisis which hit Deputy Health Minister Alexander Linchevsky after his claims regarding cancer patients, shows signs of a targeted attack. And that's why

1. The transcript appeared first as a Google Doc on a Facebook page of V.Samoilenko, and then, almost simultaneously (with a difference per hour), in the form of individual scanned pages, in the Facebook post-office of V.Apasov. The appearance of information in two sources at the same time after two weeks of silence reminds whistle-blowing. The appearance of these posts was not accompanied by massive spread. However, the organizers may have decided to launch it in the morning.

2. The next morning, a typical news spreading throught week reputaion media сould be seen (see slide 1). In total for June 2-3, we recorded 9 waves of news distribution with a very similar headlines from the various groups of media. The fact that 75% of the news were distributed with a very similar header may lead to suggestion it was a paid distribution - as media tend to be more diverse in their headlines for reasons of search engine optimization.

3. The comments made by some politicians concerning Linchevsky had even more important signs of a tagreted attack. For example, the statement made by V. Medvedchuk, spread by the pro-Russian mass media, as shown on p. 1

4. Not only the main message about the unethical statement of O. Linchevsky was spread, but also accompanying messages about "operations without taking off the watch" etc.

5. A significant amount of media posted this topic with manipulative headings and without citing O. Linchevsky's position.

6. Media that have already been registered as involved in the informational warfares against U.Suprun in January 2017 were especially active in spreading the information.

After downloading the presentation, you will learn how the information campaign against O. Linchevsky developed, the media involved, and what speakers were cited most actively.
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