Media portrait of Kyivstar telecommunication company

For the analyzed period, the media attention to the company Kyivstar was about three times higher than usual, as the operator presented its new tariffs.

There was a brief informational crisis related to the violation of the rights of Kyivstar employee. This resonant story began two years ago and showed up again due to the former employee, who reported he was under pressure. Media distribution was limited to niche and regional media.

The rest of messages were mostly CSR cases at the local level and therefore designed for local media. Others were comments of company's management on socially important topics, the main channel of distribution - LigaBusinessInform.

Promotion of the new tariffs is an example of a successful communication case. Promotion messages enjoyed high media attention, especially from the local, as well as economic and IT outlets. However, the critical perception of information on pricing was minimal: most of the media were looking for opportunities to analyze these tariffs and give balanced information to the readers. 

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