Are Ukrainians afraid of George Soros one year before the elections

The beginning of Anti-Soros PR campaign following the Hungarian scenario: who launched the "trial balloon" in Ukraine and how the audience reacted

An information campaign against George Soros in Ukraine is unlikely to be as effective as a similar campaign in Hungary.

Soros is going to reduce the population of Ukraine, buy all Ukrainian land, destabilizes the situation in the country, he's the one who started the war with Russia and sponsors Vakarchuk -  these were the negative messages that appeared in pro-Russian media & social networks in April 2018. Such misinterpreting of Soros’s quotations means that the well-targeted campaign against businessman has begun within Ukrainian media landscape. Most of the publications cited an old Soros’s interview in 2014 to the Cicero German magazine (the original text is not available).

387 posts about G.Soros and his interest in Ukraine appeared in Social Media from 15th of April till 15th of May 2018, with nearly 95.7 thousand Engagement. The campaign had not reached the media at that time: only 40 releases were registered during the month with 710 thousand audience outreach. Almost all messages were negative and spread through little known media channels. The theme of elections and war with Russia were on the top and caused negative reaction among users.

G.Soros mentions in social media
G.Soros mentions in social media

After downloading the full report, you will find out which messages have received the greatest attention of the audience, which got the biggest number of interactions, what kind of users were involved, and how an overall campaign looks like.

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