Comunication between the politician and the people he does NOT want to like him: the case of Mustafa Nayem

'If the Oleh Lyashko's electorate liked me, I would understand that something went wrong' - said Mustafa Nayem on the IV anti-crisis workshop held by the Centre of Content Analysis at the beginning of April. Nevertheless, all politicians need to know public sentiment towards them and the topics which they address.

Ukrainian lawmaker Mustafa Nayem is very active speaker and blogger, and has a fairly clear positioning as "anticorruptionist" and "eurooptimist" ("Eurooptimists" group in the parliament aims to promote ties between Ukraine and the European Union). Most of the Nayem's messages in his public communication correspond to these topics. "Anticorruption" messages refer to the reforming the law enforcement system or the trial over the former president V. Yanukovych. They are usually based on the criticizm and negativity. Instead, Euro-optimistic messages - mostly positive, relate to GoGlobal initiatives (promotion of foreign languages learning ​​and volunteer movement in Ukraine) and meetings with the leaders of Western European countries.

It should be noted that the first category of messages is much more popular in the Ukrainian information space.

Separately there is a theme of former Georgian president and Odesa city mayor M. Saakashvili, who is in a tough opposition to the current authorities and was deported from Ukraine in February 2018. Nayem joined Saakashvili opposition movement under the anti-corruption slogans, but later failed to fully distance himself from it, and as a result, is still getting much criticism due to the involvement in this movement.

We chose four different topics that M.Nayem addressed in his public communication. In addition to them, M. Nayey made statements about the launch of the State Bureau of Investigations (the topic is isomorphic to the launch of the Anticorruption Court), control over the National Police (during the period under review, the topic strongly overlaped with Saakashvili's theme), and GoGlobal / GoEast / GOxChange initiatives (highlightened in the media actively but without mentioning the initiators).

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