Andrii Pavelko and the UEFA Cup: one of the most perfect information attacks recently

The informational campaign against Andriy Pavelko and the Football Federation of Ukraine (FFU) was one of the most expensive and most effective attacks recently. Started a few months before the Champions League final, negative publicity had reached its peak on the eve of the event and moved far beyond the "football" audience.

It all began when information about corruption schemes around the FFU's subsidiary - FFU Production, which produces the artificial grass for football fields, appeared in media & social networks, accompanied by NACP's accusations in Pavelko's illegally enrichment and reinforced by reporting his income and property declaration was missing some elite accommodation and night club, as well as the photos of Pavelko's daughter luxurious life. The biggest public outcry was caused, however, by the photos of PM's family members holding the Cup of the Champions League.

Attention of media and Facebook to the messages about Pavelko
Attention of media and Facebook to the messages about Pavelko

The information campaign against A.Pavelka was well-planned. This is evidenced by the "timely" investigation on the creation of a "Budget Monopoly" around the artificial grass plant and a sudden NACP's interest. As well as the photos of a deputy's daughter with a Cup in the luxury Range Rover, which were quickly spreaded in the media and caused a storm of a public discussion in the social networks.

Facebook users wrote that in that time, when every footballer and, even more so, a football fan only just can dreaming to touch the Cup - the kids of a rich parents playing with prise like a toy. At the same time, the focus was placed on the fact that Mr. Pavelko has nothing sacred: neither in the country, nor in the football.

As a result, the information crisis caused considerable reputational damage to A.Pavelko. First of all, in the target audience - football fans and in active part of it - in social networks.

The accusations of abuse around the artificial grass plant spreaded through the same channels as the information about public outcry to the photos of PM's family members holding the Cup. The stamp of A.Pavelko's opponent G.Surkis are clearly visible in the organization of the attack, in particular through the media, which became the primary source of many critical messages, as well as through the speakers who maked the statements.

The FFU and A.Pavelko's reaction on the accusations of alleged abuses around the artificial grass plant was quick but insufficient, and the comments on the scandal with the Cup were belated and uncertain.

The rapid reaction on a such crisis could neutralize the negative. Because the Cup in the hands of the child is not definitely shameful fact: it would be possible to make an photo shoot by Lisa Chaus with a Cup together with other children, which would allow to present such situation as a charity program, and so on. However, FFU didn't make such steps.

The formation of the holistic image of A.Pavelko, openness, and not in any case the hiding of the facts -  could prevent the MP's reputational damage, which was caused by the similar accusations.

After downloading the full report, you will see the dymanics of public of attention to Andrii Pavelko persona in April 2018, ran of the debate in media and social networks, what was the FFU's communication regarding the issue, and a more detailed analysis of all other aspects of this information crisis.

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